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On 19 October 2023, we celebrated the unveiling of Savour the Arts – Season 7, a momentous occasion during which we proudly present an exquisite, immersive exhibition at tcc art boutique café, VivoCity, featuring ten floral masterpieces by artists from the Center for Lifelong Education, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

Captured Beauty: A Hyperrealist Floral Journey

Experience the captivating world of hyperrealism through an exquisite exhibition featuring floral masterpieces created by artists from the Center for Lifelong Education, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

Hyperrealism, a rare gem in the contemporary art scene, has its roots tracing back to its inception in the late 1960s. It emerged as a radical movement that sought to replicate reality with a level of precision that often blurs the line between art and reality. To truly appreciate the nuances of hyperrealism, an artist must bend time itself, slowing it down to meticulously observe and recreate the intricate details of their subjects. In “Captured Beauty,” the chosen theme is the ephemeral nature of flowers. Flowers, known for their transient beauty, are immortalized in paint, preserving their allure for eternity.

Each of these stunning works of art demands months of dedication and craftsmanship. The 10 artists behind these hyperrealist creations are dedicated adult learners, guided by the experienced hand of Mr. Raphael Koh, a distinguished alumnus of NAFA. These artists behind these hyperrealist works are not just learners; they are late bloomers on their remarkable journey toward becoming full-fledged artists. Their stories are a testament to the fact that creativity knows no age boundaries. Whether their artistic endeavours began in their 40s or later in life, they have embraced the transformative power of art and persevered with unwavering dedication. Their passion and commitment shine through in each brushstroke, showcasing the potential for artistic growth and self-discovery at any stage of life.

Within the cozy ambiance of this café, the floral motifs on display are an exquisite feast for the senses. They not only visually captivate but also send forth an aromatic aura of beauty, enveloping viewers in an immersive sensory experience. “Captured Beauty” offers a unique opportunity to revel in the artistry of hyperrealism and savour the fleeting elegance of nature’s blooms frozen in time.

Centre for Lifelong Education, NAFA

As you admire these hyperrealist creations, take a moment to appreciate the resilience and determination that these late bloomers bring to the world of art. “Captured Beauty” is not just an exhibition; it’s a celebration of the artistic spirit that thrives when nurtured with passion and a commitment to lifelong learning. For art courses, please visit:

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