Warut Loke (b.1993) is a figurative painter who uses dancer as his subject matter for most of his work. Fascinated by the movements, choreography, the sets and the effects of lighting in dance performances, he uses those elements and the ephemeral nature of dance as inspiration for his work. The work he produces can be seen as a recording of a specific moment in a dance performance or even movement that is gone forever through the use of various mediums such as video/ photography, drawing and painting. Currently he is using the nature of chance/accident, colours and marks in painting to capture the body movement. Warut graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a Bachelor (Hons) in Fine Arts. He was recently part of the “Young Artist Talent 11” @ Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand (2020) and has also participated in group exhibitions locally like “Pameran Poskad” @ION Art Gallery (2020), “Reject” @ Substation Gallery (2019), “Fantastic Rubbish: For the love of Locality” @ Brother Joseph McNally McNallyGallery (2015), “Garnish With” @ ICA Gallery (2015), “In a space space across from you” @ Project Space Gallery (2014), “Seni Mini” @ Mi Casa Su Casa Gallery- Alternative Art Space (2014).

Fig.1 Falling, 2018, 42.7cm x 42cm, Oil on Canvas, SGD 480

Fig.2 Rising, 2018, 42.7cm x 42cm, Oil on Canvas, SGD 480

Fig.3 Flow, 2018, 42.7cm x 42cm, Oil on Canvas, SGD 530