Cynthia Wang (b.1997) graduated with BA in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts. Cynthia believes that the right way forward for Art during contemporary times is through extensively exploring digital mediums – not just documentation but in creating completely sensory works which entitle viewers from a remote place to an experience as if they were right there before the work. The archaic rule that Art should be confined to the enjoyment of the wealthy is long abolished – there is thus no more reason to confine the experience of art to galleries or specific locations or promote ambiguity in Art for the sake of ambiguity – for this reason she is strongly for making Art as accessible and understandable for the general public, and envision this exhibition to be one step forward in that direction with a comprehensive curation of artists’ works, complete complete descriptions and easy-to-follow yet immersive workshops for for people to participate in.

Fig. 1 Chameleon I, 2019 59.4cm x 42cm Mixed media
SGD 350

Fig. 2 Chameleon II, 2019 59.4cm x 42cm Mixed media
SGD 350