Eunice Lim




Eunice Hannah Lim is an artist who is constantly inspired by documented narratives and how we navigate through constructed spaces. Her works involve using various materials as a form of literal representation and emotional nuances, composing new shared experiences with references paralleled in history.


Eunice’s works have been exhibited in Singapore, Australia, Turkey and New York. She has been part of Artist-in-residence programmes such as Artsource Fremantle Residency (Perth, WA), BigCi Residency (Sydney) and NPE Art Residency (Singapore). She was one of the finalists for Red Gate Gallery & Beijing City International School (BCIS) Artist-in-residence programme in 2018.


Planets Only We Know
34cm and 25.5cm
Acrylic on Canvas
SGD 370 each (34cm), SGD 280 each (25.5cm). All 4 pieces SGD 1200