Deepti Sharma




Deepti Sharma is an emerging visual artist who graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2020. Her art practice was transpired by the urge to overcome her past and seek enlightenment in symbiosis with the natural world.

Sharma’s artwork emerged as the best piece in a group collaboration held by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in celebration of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. She was selected to showcase her artwork at ION Orchard. Sharma also worked as a designer and art teacher at The Little Artist Art Studio and is currently preparing for new exhibitions.


  • Diploma in Fine Arts, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, 2017-2020
  • Masters in Electronics and Communication, Rohtak, Haryana, India, 2011-2013
  • Bachelors in Electronics and Communication, BSAITM, Haryana, India, 2005-2009



  • Internship at little artist studio @Mandarin gardens Singapore, 2019
  • Participant in NAFA x STB – World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Singapore, 2019




  • Commissioned painting spontaneous realism “Seven Horses”, Raipur, India, Jan 2020
  • Commissioned portrait of late “Shri Sadguru Maharishi Mendi Pram Hans Ji “, Raipur, India, Dec 2019
  • Commissioned portrait of late “Shri Maharishi Santsevi ji Maharaj “, Raipur, India, Dec 2019
  • Commissioned portrait of Mr. Selva portrait, Pop-Art, Singapore, Nov 2019
  • Community MURAL (Team Project), BRASS BASAH COMPLEX LEVEL 2, Singapore, Aug 2019
  • Commissioned Buddha painting, India, Jun 2017
  • Commissioned Spontaneous Realism “Seven Horses,” India, Jun 2017
  • Commissioned portrait of couple Mr. AND Mrs. LITHWAAL, India, May 2017
  • Commissioned portrait of Mr. Anand, India, Apr 2017
  • Commissioned couple portrait of Mr. & Mrs. BANGIA, India, Sep 2016


  • Group art Showcase, Savour The Arts Season 4 At TCC, Buggies Junction, Singapore, Oct 2019
  • Group art Showcase- FLUXUS HOUSE OPENING IN OCT 2019, the Fluxus house, 23 Teo Hong road, Singapore, Oct – Dec 2019
  • Group art showcase- “Mapping Memories” at Air Gallery Exhibition level-2, NAFA campus1, Singapore, Mar 2019


The most engaged participant NAFA x STB – World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Singapore, Jun 2019


Colours of Dust
76cm x 102cm
Acrylic on Canvas
SGD 999


50cm x 70cm
Oil on Canvas
SGD 999


Delineation of Oneself
92cm x 122cm
Oil on Canvas
SGD 1250


Comtemplating Life
92cm x 122cm
Oil on Canvas
SGD 1250


76cm x 102cm
Oil on Canvas
SGD 1400