A Brand New Menu

New Culinary Creations

White Pepper Soft-Shell Crab Pasta

Satiate your appetite with flavours reminiscent of Singaporean’s favourite seafood

Scrambled Egg and Salmon Pancake

Level up your brekkie with our lightly-toasted pancake, layered with bite-sized chunks of Norwegian salmon, scrambled egg, tobiko

Steak and Egg Benedict

Beef up your day with our petite wagyu hamburg steak and egg benedict for a hearty meal

Steamed Salmon with Tamarind Dashi

Immerse in the umami flavours of Norwegian salmon fillet, organic red quinoa, broccolini, yellow pepper, edamame, soused in tamarind dashi

Hot Mustard PHUTURE® Meat and Mushroom Wrap

Spice up your taste buds with hot mustard & jalapeño in this healthier-choice plant-based creation

And many more…

Plus, do get your hands on our gorgeous handcrafted beverage concoctions and end your meal on a sweet note with our beautifully-plated desserts.

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