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Yashini d/o Renganathan

Email: yashini.renganathan@gmail.com Website: ryashini.com Yashini (b.1989) takes the position of an explorer in relation to the micro and macro aspects of time. Through her experimental curiousity she investigates inventive approaches in mediums and physical materials. Her recent group exhibitions include, ArtScience in Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood, ArtScience Museum Singapore, i Light Singapore Bicentennial Edition, Bridges […]

Vivian Loh

Email: vivianloharts@gmail.com Website: vivianloharts.com Instagram: @nilec88 Vivian Loh (b.1997) is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in oil painting, murals, assemblages, digital illustration and drawing in her artistic practice. Vivian is inspired by the sensation of form within everyday occurrences and seeks to explore the body’s sensorial experience through the transformative value of image-making in her […]

Rifqi Amirul

Email: rifqi_amirul@hotmail.com Rifqi Amirul (b.1994) is a multidisciplinary artist whose works often deal with the in-between of things: states of suspension, transition, liminality. He probes into the construction of personal boundaries and speculative states that define one’s purpose and sentimentality towards a place. He describes the personal connection one has to a physical or an […]

Raya Mae Ganaban

  Email: rayajoanmae@gmail.com Website: rayajoanmae.wixsite.com/artportfolio Instagram: @rayacreates Raya Mae (b.1996) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Singapore, who works mainly with sculpture, installation and text. Her love for colour, language and space allows her to explore the notion of the ‘explanatory gap’ and the gaps between translation, knowledge and understanding. She graduated with her BA […]

Ratna Sutara

Email: ratna.sutara@gmail.com Website: ratna-sutara.myportfolio.com Ratna Sari Sutara (b.1989) is a Singaporean artist who primarily uses photography as her main practice, branching towards exploring darkroom and alternative processes. Her main interest lies in investigating human relationships with the every day and also social issues on women in our current times. She participated in a cross-culture arts […]

Liu Li Ling

Email: lilingliu3@gmail.com Website: https://lliling.pb.online/ Liu Liling (b.1993) draws upon the photographic image in her process of image-making. Working with paper, her interest lies in highlighting the material aspect of the medium through methods of reduction, in particular with different surface treatments of the pictorial plane.   Fig. 1 Horizon (Summer Lake) Edition 1 of 2 […]

Joni Dam

Email: jonidamn.art@gmail.com Website: jonidam_art.wixsite.com/joni Instagram: @jonidamn.art Dam Thi Thu Huong, Joni (b.1996) is a Singapore-based multimedia artist. Her works ride on the notions of the subject, the object and the abject. Their definitions, related conversations, the tension between them as well as her role as artist, and/or viewer in relation to such topics become a […]

Illa Haziqin

Email: illa.haziqin1@gmail.com Website: illahaziqin.wixsite.com/art-illa Illa Haziqin (b.1995) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work exhibits the nature of transforming or the process of becoming another. She delves into personal relations around her, reflecting such matters into her own being. Through her works, she reassembles herself through a multitude of bodies, depicting transformed bodies of old and […]

Foo Hui Wen

Email: huiwen.portfolio@gmail.com Website: huiwenfoo.wixsite.com/portfolio Hui Wen (b.1997) often takes on a multidisciplinary approach in her presentation of work through the format of an installation. Guided by a curiosity towards how nature is processed and translated, her practice often involves research and investigations on notions of naturalization to better reflect on the displaced narratives we encounter […]

Fazleen Karlan

Email: fazleenkarlan@gmail.com Website: farzleenkarlan.com Drawn to expressing the landscape around her, Fazleen (b.1993) navigates through fragments of history within Singapore’s context. She brings these fragments to the present by reassembling material culture from different periods, constructing personal and cultural realities. In her recent work, Fazleen replicates broken artefacts that are overlooked due to their unassuming […]