Metaphysical Notebook

Take a break from all the gadgets and pen your inspirations in this designer notebook. Great for capturing your daily scribbles or sketches!

Double Shots Espresso Cup

Mr Sun's signature masterpiece dressed up in hues of primary colours, creating a burst of vibracy for this designer espresso cup.

Giant Cappuccino Cup

Start your day with your beverage served in this versatile giant cup! Comes with a unique teaspoon and creative packaging, this is a delightful set to own and to give!

Metallic Bookmark

These exquisitely designed metallic bookmarks feature eight of Mr Sun's works in intricate laser cut method and fine detailing. A valuable collector's item for the avid readers!

Magnets Memento Set

Combination of traditional artistry and modern creativity; these magnets serve up a unique appeal, enhanced by the dynamic colours and presented interestingly with a tin box. A wonderful collection set for keepsake!

Single Shot Espresso Cup Set

An impressive assemble of dynamic colours, this single shot espresso cup collector's edition is one of our favourites in this series! These miniature cups come in 3 pairs of colours for your pickings!